Closing Bonspiel

March 2024

A fun game was held on 22 March 2024 - where we competed for a Cadbury's Easter Egg.  Since there were 10 of us, we worked out a system where the skips Jim and Elaine stayed in position while one player from each team stood down for 2 ends.  Names drawn from a hat (actually a polybag) determined who stood down each time.

Teams were:

Jim, Liz, Jane, June, Jane, Norman  

Elaine, Janette, Ainslie, Alex, Fiona

We went into the final end peeling at 3-3.  The final score was 4-3 to Jim's rink and was decided on the last stone.

Although we were on the late session, we all went upstairs for the prizegiving - in the end everybody was a winner and was presented with a creme egg.  Sorry - no photos were taken.