Covid - Safe Use of Clubroom Cafe


Safe Use of Clubroom Café

To ensure the safety of everyone within the clubhouse/café/bar areas during COVID-19 we have introduced the following guidelines:

Face masks must be worn within clubhouse whilst moving around and can be removed whilst seated at a table.

  1. Please use the one-way system in place following the 1 m markings
  2. Please only sit at table where a "table ready sign" with a green tick - this identifies that the table and chairs have been sanitised.
  3. Please do not sit at any tables that have not been cleared.
  4. At present, according to guidelines, we have tables for 2 people only.
  5. Orders will be taken at your table.
  6. For speed, please have your method of payment ready before ordering.
  7. Know what you wish to order and:-
  • Advise if sugar is needed for hot drinks
  • Advise if milk is needed (these will come with individual milk jugs)
  • If ordering soup do you require bread or oatcakes and butter
  • If ordering hot filled rolls do you require brown sauce or ketchup
  • If you require salt or pepper (these will be sachets)

8. All items ordered will be delivered to your table along with required condiments.

9. Once you are finished please just leave the table using the one-way system

10. Please do not return anything to the servery, we will clear all tables.

Although we are trying to use table service as much as possible, you will still be able to use the counter service for card payments/account top ups or if you simply can't decide on what sweet treat or filled roll you'd like.