Covid & Curling


Message from Moira, Dominies Covid Officer


Hi Everyone

The main purpose of the club Covid Officer is to be the central point of contact for Dominies on all things related to coronavirus. This means you should let me know of any concerns you might have, and I will liaise with the appropriate person on your behalf.

One of the main duties of the Covid Officer is to ensure accurate records are kept of those attending every curling session for the NHS Track and Trace system. Please can Seconds complete the scorecard, Skip, take a photo and send it to me. Your private information will remain confidential.

Inside the ice rink, please follow the 1 way system, which you can view on this video link

Information & Resources

1) Curl Edinburgh have published guidance

2) Scottish Curling's Return to Curling Guidance, is here: They have also produced a short video:

3) Latest Scottish Government guidance should be familiar to everyone (FACTS).

There are numerous guidance documents on the Scottish Government website

Tests can be booked through or 0800 028 2816

Return to Curling Summary:

On return to curling-autumn 2020, all curlers are expected to:

  • Keep social distancing at all times
  • Travel safely to and from curling, within own social bubble
  • Wear face coverings at all times except when playing on the ice
  • Follow the floor markings and planning flow (1-way system)
  • Arrive in kit except for footwear
  • Employ cough/sneeze etiquette
  • Engage with the test/protect system- refrain from playing for 14 days if there has been contact with someone who has identified positive for Covid 19
  • Use contactless payments
  • Refrain from spectating

On ice:

  • Face coverings may be removed.
  • No shaking of hands - good sportsmanship should be acknowledged verbally
  • Only use gloves for curling activity - wash/disinfect before and after games
  • Wash/disinfect personal equipment, eg broom before and after games- do not share. Curl Edinburgh will still have brooms to borrow which will have been disinfected.
  • Bottom of stones cleaned with brush head only, not hands nor gloved hands
  • All players to stay 2 m apart
  • Teams should use 1 sweeper at a time
  • No sweeping behind T line
  • Sweeper 2m from thrower
  • Player in charge of the head should not move forward to sweep any stones and should remain behind the hack when it is not their turn
  • No players should sweep a stone during the opposition's turn
  • Completion and photograph of score card essential

Have a lovely time.